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Sat Scores For Colleges

Valerie Said:

Sending SAT scores to colleges after early admission?

We Answered:

Usually yes. Just call the Admissions office of the school that you are applying to and ask them.

Holly Said:

Can you register for the 4 free credits to send your SAT scores to colleges and then NOT send them?

We Answered:

send SAT scores to colleges

Dianne Said:

When should I be sending SAT scores to colleges?

We Answered:

This is not your last chance to send them. You can always send your scores. Well you probably can't send them 50 years from now, but as long as you need to be able to send them, you can send them. The SAT website says that because you have a certain number of days when you can send your scores for free. But these days run out before you get your scores back. After those days run out you must pay $8.00 to send scores.
If you are applying to schools where you're not sure if your usual SAT scores are high enough, you shouldn't send any scores before you see them. Eg: if you normally score an 1850 and your dream school has a score range of 1800-2100, you shouldn't send your score until you see it because you may have scored below your normal and you would want to retake so that the school would see a higher score. However, if you normally score 1850 and you are applying to a school with a score range of 1500-1900, you should send your score, because you've probably scored near the top of their range and you can save money.

If you are not going to college after your senior year, you should not send any scores. The people who are sending scores now are those who will enter college in the fall of 2010. If you are planning on taking a year off and entering college in the fall of 2011, you should send your scores in the summer and fall of 2010.

Veronica Said:

If I want to send my SAT scores to colleges, would I have to wait for all the scores to be submitted?

We Answered:

Have the SAT 1 scores sent in right away.

The SAT 2 scores will be sent as you directed when they become available.

School Admission Offices are used to getting these things at separate times.

Marion Said:

Is collegeboard the only way in which you can send your SAT scores to colleges?

We Answered:

Hello Tara V,
SAT Score At undergraduate level of admission you don't have much in terms of projects, work experience. Therefore SAT score is very important for admission purposes.
* Academic Performance This gives an indication to the admissions committee regarding the potential performance of the student. Of course this is taken into consideration after factoring in the difficulty level of the program and the university's reputation.
* Essays and Recommendations: Some universities require students to send essays and recommendations. These are helpful particularly in securing scholarships for top universities.
Check the requirements of the specific university for any additional requirements.
Visit the link for:
›› College Ranking
›› Useful Links

Thelma Said:

When CollegeBoard sends my recent SAT scores to colleges will it send all of my previous SAT scores as well?

We Answered:

they usually just send the highest scores.

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