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Salt Lake Community College

Juanita Said:


We Answered:

An indirect answer>>check the school's webpage. Find the athletics or sports category on the webpage and click it, or type track in theschool's homepage's search box, or go to yahoo search and type Salt Lakes Community College Track field. If you're not lead to the sport, that individual school probably doesn't have a track team.


Velma Said:

What to know about salt lake community college?

We Answered:

hi there,first link click on what you want to know..…

more info..…

regards pops..

Carmen Said:

How much does a physician assistant make monthly?

We Answered:

on average probably about 7 grand a month. 86k a year as of 2008.

What the job is like depends on what area of medicine the PA works in. How hard is it? that is a very hard question to will need to shadow some PA's. Check out and

Also, i would try asking the schools these questions instead of random people on yahoo answers.

Sandra Said:

how could i get financial help attendiing salt lake community college?

We Answered:

Apply for federal financial aid at

Just remember, however that you will be charged out of state tuition in Utah and it won't be cheep.

Joel Said:

Should i go to a community college for general education or criminal justice?

We Answered:

I would take the general classes now at the Community College IF they meet the requirements of the four year college that you want to attend and then take criminal justice classes to fill in.

That said I think that you should take a vocational interest test to guide you in your future career and majors./

Tamara Said:

Why are there so many very attractive black girls at universities and community colleges?

We Answered:

because smart girls are smart - they know what it takes to manipulate the opposite sex and they are good at it !

Harvey Said:

does salt lake community college have any financial programs that helps students?

We Answered:

See if they have work study, call and ask or see if they have a website.

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