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Roxbury Community College

Carla Said:

What is the best Neighborhood in the Borough of Queens in New York?

We Answered:

for my money, the best neighborhood for a regular person, with a combination of good housing stock, safety, and quick access to Manhattan, is Sunnyside.

Cindy Said:

Anybody studied in Roxbury community college around 1980?

We Answered:

No, not me

Stacey Said:

Can anyone help me with a list of community colleges in Boston, Massachusettes?

We Answered:

There aren't that many ccs in Boston proper. If you look to the surrounding suburbs, there are a lot more.

Note that Gibbs is a private, for profit college, not a community college. A cc will be far cheaper, and (honestly) perhaps more reputable.

I'll give you a list of two year programs (at private and public schools) that are approved by the Mass. Board of Registration in Nursing (which is what is required for you to study and become a nurse), and which are either directly in Boston, or accessible to Boston, very quickly, via the T (the subway):
- Quincy College (in Quincy, MA, on the red line, 20 minutes to downtown, very easy commute - walk maybe 5 mins from the train stop, Quincy Center)
- Roxbury Community College (Roxbury is part of Boston)
- Soldier's Home in Massachusetts (in Chelsea, part of Boston)
- Bunker Hill Community College (in Charlestown, part of Boston)
- Laboure College

I don't think Bay State College offers a full, approved nursing program. And the one at Mass Bay may be in a bit of trouble with their regulators, so be cautious - make sure those issues are resolved before you apply. I'll link to an article on the subject, below.

And I'll link you to a complete list of all the approved programs in Mass, just in case you end up living just outside the city.

Roberto Said:

Which is the better college: Franklin and Marshall College or Northeastern University?

We Answered:

F&M is academically more rigorous and you will get a better education with small class sizes rather than watching video monitors in huge lecture halls with 500 students in your class at Northeastern.

Karl Said:

Which is better: Roxbury Community College or Bunker Hill Community College?

We Answered:

They are both community colleges, so does it really matter? They will both offer identical curriculum.

Try comparing Harvard to MIT if you want to get some interesting answers.

Andrew Said:

Anyone who goes to Roxbury Community College in Boston?

We Answered:

Apparently not, try their site

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