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Riverside Community College

Ruben Said:

is riverside community college a easy school to transfer out to?

We Answered:

cool. i want to be a neonatal nurse too. im at the program at UCLA. i dont know much about RCC, but any nursing program (UC's and CSU's) is pretty hard to transfer into. if you have any questions about the program i'd be happy to let you know :)

Evelyn Said:

How much does it cost to go to Riverside Community College?

We Answered:

You'd have to call them yourself. Set an appointment, and ask all your questions. There are deadlines to meet. A community college is the best thing you can do, and you can even pay as you go which will make life a lot easier years down the road (like get a part time job and school at the same time and pay before you take that course). Have you decided what course you will pursue?

Mae Said:

Should I go to Cal State San Bernardino or Riverside Community College?

We Answered:

If you go to a 4 year college, you can become a RN (Registered Nurse) and the pay will be higher and you will have opportunity for advancement that you will not get as just a nurse from a two year college.

Howard Said:

Riverside Community College or Chaffey College?

We Answered:

Here are their websites. check them out outline first, then visit.

Ann Said:

Riverside Community College Marching Band?

We Answered:

I know they are really good so I would expect very hard. Good luck

Penny Said:

Has anyone transfered from riverside community college to Cal state long beach or UCLA for nursing?

We Answered:

I'm sure it has happened. If you get a decent GPA in CC, you should definitely transfer to Cal States.

But, its a lot harder for UCLA, you need a 3.7 or higher to have a high chance of getting in. Also, nursing is extremely competitive so good grades is very very important.

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