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Rhode Island College

Marion Said:

Is Fashion Design offered at Rhode Island College?

We Answered:

Are you mixing up Rhode Island College - primarily a teachers education institution - with the Rhode Island School of Design?

Here are the websites for each school.


Theodore Said:

How much do dorms at Rhode Island College cost per semester?

We Answered:

$8,050 - 9,230 per year

For the past several years, on-campus housing has been guaranteed for new freshmen admitted and enrolled by May 1.

Veronica Said:

Rhode Island College?

We Answered:

suburban area

Harry Said:

What college is best to study nursing: University of Rhode Island or Rhode Island College?

We Answered:

Please try: They have lots of good information on various nursing degrees both Bachelors and Masters

Michele Said:

How much is tuition for Rhode Island College?

We Answered:

are all islands surrounded by water?

Marie Said:

Undergrad degree in Political Science, Rhode Island College or University of RI?

We Answered:

It does not really matter. Only where you go for your law degree matters anyway. Because there are no jobs for someone with a poli sci degree by itself.

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