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Pierce Community College

Darlene Said:

How to go to a California community college without paying the out of state fee?

We Answered:

TANGINA MO GAGO KA!!!LOL!! ANYWAYS to answer your question you dont need to to have a green card or whatsoever as long as you graduated from a california highschool and u have to be in that school atleast 2 years just show them a proof etc for example ur diploma and other **** lol

Adrian Said:

Community College student with high dreams?

We Answered:

we're on the same boat.
well you might want to retake your SAT's to get them a little higher
and do alot of community service.
Make sure to join any clubs/sports you are interested in that they offer at the community college.
You can also try doing something original, or have any type of work you do recognized.
the main point is have something on your application to stand out
=] good luck.

Carl Said:

Is Anatomy 1 offered at Pierce College or any other community college in the area during summer session?

We Answered:

The Summer schedule of classes hasn't been posted yet.

You can look at Pierce College or any other community college website and check out the schedule of classes once its been posted online.

Kathy Said:

What are units in community colleges (pierce college)?

We Answered:

Some universities call them "credit hours" but the university you're applying to calls them "unit hours." For instance, you might need 120 units to graduate with a bachelors, so if you take a class worth 3 unites then you'll only need 117 more units to graduate. Yes, the cost is per unit. My classes are nearly $400 per credit hour, and credit hours are usually 4. So that's 4 X $400 per class! o_O

Take as many as you think you can handle, and also factor in the difficulty for each class. When I was a freshman I was taking a full load - 4-5 classes, but as I became a junior and senior the classes became more demanding and I started taking 1-2 classes. Now that I"m a graduate student, the classes are much more demanding and more time-consuming so I can only handle one class at a time.

GL to you!

Jimmy Said:

Community college transferring to CSU?

We Answered:

The W's will have a negative affect but will not be major./

Theresa Said:

Which community college is better to attend to have better chances of getting into UCLA?

We Answered:


Shannon Said:

Which community college can help me become a Civil Engineer in Washington?

We Answered:

Whichever one will get you into a four-year college for Civil Engineering. Do any of them have reciprocal agreements with colleges in the area, whereby if you finish two years in good standing you can "automatically" transfer?

I don't know what type of courses a CE major would take as a freshman/sophomore in a four-year college, but you could check the course catalogs of schools you'd be interested in to find out what the degree requirements are and then work around that. Usually, you would want to take the gen ed requirements and get them out of the way, but I don't know how engineering works. You should be able to talk with someone at any of the CCs about this.

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