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Online Community Colleges

Johnnie Said:

What are the cheapest online community colleges?

We Answered:

The least expensive community colleges with online programs will be those that are in-state to you or the few that offer in-state tuition to all online students.

I understand that the in-state systems in California and Florida are very cost effective.

The proprietary colleges (Axia, UoP, DeVry, ITT) will probably be the most expensive options with arguably the least utility.

Ella Said:

online community colleges that of good computer science classes?

We Answered:

Here is a website for US colleges:

Please stay away from those online, for-profit schools such as university of phoenix and strayer u. Former students of u of phoenix started this site:

Vanessa Said:

Does anyone know any good online colleges or community colleges?

We Answered:

I would check with That's where I attend (Davenport University). The college is fully accredited by the North Central Association. And unlike University of Phoenix which tells you what class to take which session, you have the freedom of scheduling the classes you want. Some courses are not offered every semester, so you need to work with a counselor on this information.

You don't have to have a minimum amount of classes passed before going on line, unlike U of Phoenix, and DU offers degrees in various fields. However you do have to either complete a certain level of math proficiency or take one of the prerequisite math courses before taking online classes.

I attend there, and did have to take my first semester totally in-seat because I did not pass the math entrance exam (just a few points short), but it was worth that extra class. I was able to do well in my remaining math classes. But out of the 29 classes I've taken, over half I've chosen to take on-line.

Our school offers degrees in information technology, business, and allied health professions in associates, bachelors and masters degree levels.

Sarah Said:

online colleges, community colleges, vocational schools, etc...?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Myrtle Said:

What colleges have fire science degrees that aren't online or community colleges?

We Answered:

Put fire science and fire ecology schools into and click on the fourth entry (which is headed with the words you entered). Scroll down to the list of four-year schools.

(I tried to include a link in the answer, but it did not work when I tested it.)

Earl Said:

is there any online colleges where i can take classes that transfer over to my local community college?

We Answered:

What about the online classes at Pasadena?

Go here:…

and click on Online Classes

You can also try the California Virtual Campus

I'm sure you can find classes that transfer to Pasadena but always double check with your academic advisor

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