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Online Colleges And Universities

Anne Said:

Where would I need to go to find annual property taxes of Colleges or Universities online?

We Answered:

go to sparknotes and to the sparks college section. then sign up for sparknotes(its free). then you can look at any college in the U.S. I use it and it tells many things from prices of colleges to how the teachers are there
heres the link to it

Alberto Said:

What are the most reputable accredited online colleges/universities?

We Answered:

Good you want to grow your education qualification at an older age. You will find lots of online colleges that will provide you courses online but you need to be aware of that they should not be scams. People are out there to take your money so be careful of them. To get the list of top accredited colleges that provide online courses go to… . All the colleges listed here are best in their own respect.

Harvey Said:

Are there student loans offered for online colleges/universities?

We Answered:

Most regionally accredited schools will assist you in applying for Federal Student Loans. University of Phoenix is a regionally accredited school. However, UoP is also one of the most expensive schools in the country.

I believe you would be better served by attending an online program at your local community college or state university. These will have two benefits. One, the degree won't indicate it was earned online and two, it will be much, much cheaper.

Here are some schools for you to start with,…
degrees.aspx" rel="nofollow">……

The last one on the list is Penn State. Their tuition is high but lower than UoP. Also, Penn State looks better on a resume than University of Phoenix anyway.

Finally, when you choose a school, make sure it is at least regionally accredited. You can check accreditation at… You can learn more about accreditation at…

Good luck

Lawrence Said:

What "Real" Colleges/Universities offer online or corespondance degrees?

We Answered:

Re: regional accreditation. That's what you want - that's higher than national accreditation and is what UNLV has. I know, it doesn't sound logical, but it's the way it is. There's no reason not to pick a school with a good reputation, there are plenty of options out there now but regional accreditation is almost essential in the choice.

Re: CLEP - all the information you need can be found on the College Board website. Be careful though, not all schools accept all tests and some have credit limits. This isn't the easy way to go - it's just like walking into Psych 240 on the last day of class and just taking the final exam.…

Very many state universities offer degree wholly online now.

One that comes to mind as a good possibility for you is the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)…

They offer a BA in Social Studies online and I've never seen them on daytime television.

UNev Reno offers a bunch of online courses that all of the UNev campuses will accept in transfer.

just an idea for a starting place.

If you define a specific major, we might be able to point you to some even better ideas. :-)

Holly Said:

Does any one know anything about these online colleges and universities?

We Answered:

you need to explore the on line educational site to gain knowledge about the on line colleges and universities i know one of the educational site which can help you to find the on line collage for graduation which is

Eduardo Said:

How legit are those online universities & colleges that bombard our emails and our webpages?

We Answered:

You have to be very careful to check them out. A lot are not legit or accredited. Also, many of the legit ones may still require that you spend some time on the actual campus (up to 2 weeks a year) so if you go that route, read the entire online brochure so you know up front.

Barry Said:

What is your opinion of online degree granting Colleges/Universities?

We Answered:

Online degrees are not useless, they are a fabulous opportunity for busy professionals who are working and have kids. Thousands of people earn online degrees every year, many of my nursing instructors earned their Master's online at U of P, or at least in an excelerated format, such as National University.

I earned my BSN online and the curriculum is exactly the same curriculum the university offers to it's students in class.

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