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Online Accredited Colleges

Emily Said:

does anyone know any online accredited colleges i can start now?

We Answered:

You can also look into these regionally accredited colleges with an excellent online range of courses:

Peru State College ( quite low fees)
Excelsior College
Thomas Edison State College

There are many others.

Hope this helps.

Rosa Said:

Anyone know any online accredited colleges for Meteorology?

We Answered:

Honestly, I don't thnk a program in meteorology exists online, as there is much field work involved in certain classes required for the degree. So, I'd recommend finding another degree to pursue until you have the time to devote to labs and field research, as most programs require a lot of time. Also, know that there is a LOT of math and physics involved, which is why I've shyed away from said degree... Fluid dynamics + spatial learner (without qualified teachers to teach spatial learners) = NO WAY.

Amanda Said:

Which online accredited colleges give one such as myself the best opprotunities after graduation?

We Answered:

First google your nearby colleges.
See if they offer online courses.
You may only have to take the final exams at the colleges.

Online schools are very much for profit.
You won't get your best bang for your buck.
Devry, and Phoenix are two that are well known.

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