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Ohio Technical College

Leo Said:

College level art - what is needed?

We Answered:

Drawing is a learned skill. If you start to take art classes, then you *will* improve your art basics, and you will be ready to enter that associates degree program.

In addition, most of the art classes you take in your first term as part of your associates degree won't assume you have tons of art skills or experience. Instead, they'll help you improve your skills, no matter what level you start at. And so long as you work hard to develop *not just* your computer art skills, but also your foundation/basic art skills (drawing, painting, design, etc.), you'll be able to transfer to a decent bachelors degree program.

The one thing I see a lot of associates degree game design programs do is skimp on the foundation art skills. Employers in game design need you to be able to draw, to understand the basics of design, to understand color, as well as run the software. This is important. Don't get so into the software that you skimp on the foundation/art classes.

One book that really helped me improve my drawing skills:…

Honestly, worth every penny -and you can probably get it free from the library. It's the type of book that I swear, you think you can't draw? By the time you do that book, you can draw.

Just as an aside, some excellent game design schools in that region of the US: Cal Arts, Digipen, USC.

Alfred Said:

How can I get this money to return to school?

We Answered:

If your returning to school, and have a student loan your paying off, depending on the rules and regulations where your from, you should go into the company they gave you the loan, and tell them about your situation. Most times the student loan will be put on hold while your in school, until you have graduated.

Billie Said:

if i was on unemployment would i be able to receive free college or technical schooling from the state of ohio?

We Answered:

The programs in Ohio are administered through county welfare offices through the Performance/outcome-driven Ohio Works First program.

As you can see below 1,800 is a typical cap on expenditures and they rarely directly pay for tuitioon. Check your county

I all else fails try Free Open University. They are always free to everyone and offer undergraduate and grad school learning.

Typical county plan.
Job Readiness Assessments (vocational, literacy)
Job Readiness Training (work habits, attitude, dress, literacy tutoring)
Vocational & Education Counseling
Job Coach/Employment Retention Services
Training for women in non-traditional jobs (construction, manufacturing)
Testing for state licenses, board certification, Commercial driver’s license
Short-term education tuition1
Educational Expenses (books, manuals, fees)
Adult Basic Education & GED preparation
Telephone Installation
Suitable attire for Job Interviews
Reasonable Job Preparation Services & Benefits
Wage Subsidies
Assistance with removal of employment barriers-criminal records, financial difficulties, etc.
No affect on cap if provided by an agency employee or agency contracted services
No affect on cap. See Contract Language
200% FPL
200% FPL
Recently employed individuals
Able-Bodied 18 – 60 years old
Under employed individuals
Individuals who are unemployed
Non-Custodial Parents with a legal obligation to pay support
Individuals in receipt of OWF and for up to one year after leaving OWF
Individuals who are employed, under-employed or unemployed. Kinship care providers.

Julian Said:

Does anyone know of any grants I can apply for to attend a technical college?

We Answered:

Wow, that's expensive....the technical school I went to for truck driving in FL was only 1300 dollars, 5 years ago, I don't think things have changed that much! Are you sure it's a state-funded school, and not a commercially owned school? A state funded schools' tuition and curriculum is all controlled by the state, therefore your cost is usually more reasonable.

The school should offer information about financial aid, most do.

Also, you might qualify for state-based financial aid....try this website I found for the state of Ohio:…

There is a link for grants and loans. Good luck

Tammy Said:

Central Ohio technical college?

We Answered:

Try asking a student for advice.

Melissa Said:

What are the best automotive colleges in the country?

We Answered:

Here is a whole list of automotive schools for you around the country:… These classes will teach you everything you will ever want to know about mechanics and cars in general. This also gives you the ability to compare different schools to one another. I hope this helps you out in your search! Good luck!

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