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Norwalk Community College

Maurice Said:

I'm going to community college in Norwalk, CA, and am in desperate need of a job. Any suggestions?

We Answered:

you're going to Cerritos College!?
we're hiring over here at Target on Bloomfield & Del Amo for Flow/Merchandise workers

Margaret Said:

Homeschooled then college help.?

We Answered:

Community college may help you transfer to a 4 year school as long as you have a good gpa. Anything you can do to show that you have experiences and capabilities beyond the typical applicant will be helpful. So, definitely volunteer, travel and do whatever hobbies you enjoy.

Good luck and my condolences on the loss of your mother.

Toni Said:

how do I get to Norwalk Community College by Train?

We Answered:

Take Metro North to South Norwalk Station. Take the Wheels Bus #11 to NCC.

Cindy Said:

Cerritos community college in Norwalk, Ca ...?

We Answered:

NOONE that I've "talked 2" has Ever Heard of this Place ! ! !

Troy Said:

I was homeschooled now I do night school. Tips for getting in good college.?

We Answered:

Community college is a great way to build up your academic experience. What sort of school would you like to get into after community college?

Any community service/volunteering you can do would be a great help to your college application! Also, if you can get an assistant's position in your chosen field or at least do a job shadow, that will help show that you are serious about your career choice.

I'm sorry for your loss. Good luck with everything!

Eileen Said:

Does Norwalk community College give grant checks?

We Answered:

The school ALWAYS gets the money first from federal aid (Pell grant, loans, work study). If there is money left over, the school will send the extra to you.... always.

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