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Northwestern Business College

Lynn Said:

How much does the Pharmacy Technician Program cost at Northwestern Business College in IL?

We Answered:

Shouldn't cost you anything, seeing how the TECHNICIAN learns on the job.

There is a single exam you can take which can increase your pay, but it's not mandatory and you can buy a book and teach yourself after working in the pharmacy for a while. It's simple

Now a PHARMD program and degree is completely different.

Brenda Said:

Does northwestern business college have good job placement?

We Answered:

No, good luck.

Tracey Said:

Is Robert Morris College a good school?

We Answered:

Having visited both school's webpages, I think that Robert Morris College looks like a good choice. They are both in the Chicago area, both founded in the early 1900's, so both are long established schools. Either would be good, but the RMC webpage was nicer, if that's any indication.

Olga Said:

What are the best business colleges in the northwestern united states?

We Answered:

Kellogg of course!

Andy Said:

how much does it cost to attend northwestern business college?

We Answered:

It should be on their website.

Hilda Said:

any body who goes to northwestern business college?

We Answered:

I have to take it tomorrow, at the Chicago location.

I hate algebra, and I don't have time to catch up on it.

I hope its not full of it.

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