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North Shore Community College

Cynthia Said:

NEW COLLEGE ESSAY!! what do u think?

We Answered:

Too vague and boring. Self-serving and introspective. Go back to the drawing board and write something interesting.

Jennifer Said:

When Is North Shore Community College's Spring Break?

We Answered:

They only have the fall schedule:…

Your best luck, if you didn't want to call, would to be to shoot them an email. On that page I see [email protected] just send them a quick email and ask if they know when spring break is.

Helen Said:

NEW COLLEGE ESSAY!!! tell me what you think?

We Answered:

Hmm, I like the last paragraph, but don't mention the thing about the loss of your uncle. Today my English teacher was just talking about writing college essays, and told us that including deaths or divorces are very common and though it may have impacted you strongly, very often colleges see that in many of their you want to try to separate yourself from everyone else as much as possible. Include more information about why you think Northeastern, and not just any college, will make your dream of becoming a doctor come true.
Fix up your grammar a bit and try using complex sentences to make it less choppy, but otherwise it's a good essay.

Valerie Said:

COLLEGE ESSAY!! do you like it?

We Answered:

I don't know if you left something out at third paragraph last line. but not only what? ( As a Personal Care Attendant I've learned not only)
Tell me what? Family, Friends? (Around me in this picture are the things which were most important in my life at the time:)
Second paragraph tell them how it made you feel. (your uncles cancer) Sad, shocked? what?

I think the best way is to suck them in and make them feel for you. get them emotionally involved. Because everyone else will be I should get in because. Be different for they will remember you.

Good luck cheek spelling and grammer. put it into microsoft word and click on spell cheek.

If you want me to go throught it better email me. I will help you out.

Ron Said:

MY COLLEGE ESSAY!!!!! tell me what you think ??????

We Answered:

Really good...

Naomi Said:

COLLEGE ESSAY!!! what do u think??? feedbacks please!!!?

We Answered:

All I see are "I's" you have too many of them!

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