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North Carolina Colleges

Hector Said:

What colleges could i go to in North Carolina if i wanted to become a doctor?

We Answered:

You need to earn a Bachelor's degree before going to medical school. If you feel qualified, you can apply for dual degree programs (BA/MD or BS/MD). If not or you don't get in, you can get a Bachelor's degree from anywhere then apply to a medical school in North Carolina.

Gina Said:

What kind of following does reggae have on North Carolina Colleges?

We Answered:

Find an App State forum and ask there... that would be the college probably best suited to your musical tastes in NC.

Good luck and best wishes!

Colleen Said:

What do you think about North Carolina's decision to ban illegal aliens from attending the community colleges?

We Answered:

Your taxes pay for the colleges. Residents pay tuition at a discounted rate due to this funding. LEGAL foreign students (temporary student visa holders) pay REALLY HIGH tuition as their parents are not supporting the school systems through taxes. This is fair. Illegal immigrants do not have the years and years of paying taxes and, by virtue of being illegals, they do not respect the government nor the system and so should not enjoy the privileges. This is not a racist statement. The plain truth is that schools are overcrowded already and students often have to travel thousands of miles from home in order to get accepted into a college. Schools in the US and Canada already limit the number of LEGAL foreign students to enable the maximum number of citizens to be educated and it is only fair that they also set restrictions as to all enrollment and refuse ILLEGAL students.

Barbara Said:

are there equestrian colleges in north carolina?

We Answered:

i've heard that north carolina st. is full of jackasses,is that close enough?

Derek Said:

Are there any Colleges in North Carolina that accepts degrees from the University of Phoenix?

We Answered:

University of Phoenix is regionally accredited, which means, degrees earned through the UoPx transfer to just about any college, the same as Harvard, Yale, or even your local state school.

Lucille Said:

Are there any colleges in North Carolina offering petroleum engineering?

We Answered:

LSU or West Virginia Universtiy are probably the closest universities to North Carolina, offering a degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Info on Petroleum Engineering career attached:…

Louisiana State Univ. (LSU):

West Virginia University:…

Univ of Oklahoma:

Texas Tech:

University of Tulsa:…

Texas A&M:

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