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New Hampshire Colleges

Bruce Said:

Can anybody living in NEW HAMPSHIRE give me a little info PLEASE?

We Answered:

Yes, a GP (family doctor) can and will examine you and write a scrip for pain meds for you if (s)he thinks that you need them. No need to go to a pain management center.

Yolanda Said:

state of new hampshire colleges&universitieswebsites?

We Answered:

The former New Hampshire College of Accounting and Commerce is now known as Southern New Hampshire University and they still have a campus in Manchester.

Alan Said:

What is the best college in New Hampshire for an English Major?

We Answered:

Please if you are majoring in English buy a one way plane ticket to California and go to CSFU, great english dapartment and cradential program if you want to teach. You can get your masters anywere if you go that far....

Renee Said:

If you become a new hampshire resident and go to college there, do you get the in-state cost?

We Answered:

No, that won't work.

Owning property does not make NH your domicile (necessary for residence). You have to have LIVED there full time for it to be your domicile for tuition purposes. Your drivers license will have the date it was issued on it.

Leroy Said:

Which New Hampshire college is better - Keene State or Plymouth State?

We Answered:

Shouldn't you be focused on education young man? lmao you gotta love the moms that patrol yahoo answers. well, plymouth state has a proud football tradition that produced a NFL running back (Joe Dudek). which is pretty good considering there D3. the town it self is pretty small but what ive heard theres a ridiculous amount of parties right off campus, literally down the street. if you check for farts a sororities on the school website u wont find any frats even though there is 3 i believe (disrecognized by the school for pretty much having to much fun) and theres only one recognized sorority even though there is more that 4. um clubs and extracurricular are popular including ski and snowboarding considering that theres a mountain close by. they even give out mountain package when you go there! Not sure which school is stronger in communications but all i know is that i plan on going there next year, double majoring hopefully in environmental studies and political science and having one hell of a time. hope this helped!

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