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Louisiana Technical College

Rene Said:

Im in the 10th grade, and I want to go to technical college for nursing in south lousiana, what do I need?

We Answered:

You could start taking classes online which will get u there quicker...

Julian Said:

Louisiana Technical College...?

We Answered:

No, they have Practical Nursing and Nursing Assistant programs though. Here is a full list of approved programs…

Jerry Said:

Where can I find a list of Louisiana sponsored colleges that my National Guard G.I. Bill will pay for?

We Answered:

Your GI Bill will pay you to go to any accredited instution. Instead of trying to find a list I would look into the school that is right for you (educational goals, tuition costs, distance, etc.) then ask to speak to a VA representative at the school. Chances are your GI Bill will pay for it. There are also online schools such as University of Pheonix and a long list of others that your GI Bill will pay you for and they are accredited. The GI Bill also pays for things like for flight school, on the job training (you can get paid by the employer and receive the GI Bill at the same time) and several other programs. Here is the contact info if you need more information: Education (GI Bill): 1-888-442-4551
Good Luck!

Pauline Said:

My mom was telling me something about how you DONT have 2 pay a certain amount 2 get a car if u r in school...?

We Answered:

Hm, maybe shes talking about saving a few dollars on insurance? Ive never heard that a car lot sells to students for less. Ask mom where she heard this maybe a dealership in your own area is offering a special.

Gilbert Said:

Would you go to a technical college or just stick w/ community college or university to get the same degree?

We Answered:

I would go the community college route to get an associate's degree, then continue on to a university for a bachelor's if you so desire. The problem with tech schools is that most of them are private and "for profit", meaning they charge a lot more for tuition than public (state run) and "non-profit" schools. For example, at most community colleges an associate's in IT would run you around 6-8K. These days ITT Tech and similar schools charge 20K+ for the same credential. Also, most tech schools lack the regional accreditation that community colleges and universities have, meaning you're limited in where your credits will transfer to should you decide to further your education. Trust me, there's a reason community college programs are harder to get into... it's a way better deal.

Doris Said:

Hear about the latest school shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana??

We Answered:

guns aren't the problem.
it's the crazy people that have access to them.
collectors and hunters aren't the problem, it's their kids, wives, and girlfriends who are average or below average and since they can't get attention by being better, they get infamy by shooting people. they're all just copycats. okay so it was life-changing and eye-opening the first time, but now its just getting to be some pointless trend like fighting and cutting. some people need to be more imaginative. they just need to get laid and then do some underwater basket-weaving.

and no, to anyone who is reading this, you cannot take this into offense in any way because I did not specifically point out anyone, and I refuse to be harassed because I am not politically correct or whatever you want to call it. I could say a lot more, but I have the decency to try and not piss people off.

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