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Los Angeles City College

Marjorie Said:

I'm trying to get to Los Angeles city college from lancaster by train or bus, can anybody help me out?

We Answered:

yes if you can get to the Lancaster metrolink station
then you can take the metrolink to union station
then you transfer to Red line (subway) to Vermont/Santa Monica
LACC will be about 2 blocks from this location
and your metrolink ticket will be valid on the subway

Ronald Said:

Is there a way to pay class fees in payments at los angeles city college?

We Answered:


I searched the LA City College website, and there is absolutely no indication suggesting that the school offers a payment program for tuition and fees.

I think that the answer is "no", but the only way to verify this for sure is to contact the financial aid office at : (323) 953-4000 ext. 2025

Good luck!

Kristen Said:

You any one attend Los Angeles City College?

We Answered:

I currently go there and its wonderful. The teachers are great. the campus is great too. And the math dept . is one of the best in the Country. :)

Clara Said:

Is los angeles city college a good school?

We Answered:

LA City College is an average community college. If you're coming from another country, don't confuse it with UCLA or even CSULA. It is a 2 year school populated by lots of CA high school grads, many of who did not do well in high school. Anyone can enroll.

Audrey Said:

What can you tell me about West Los Angeles City College?

We Answered:

techinally its not even in West Los Angeles as I told you in your other questiob
but in culver city.
but its nice campus (a bit hilly in some spots)

Katherine Said:

are the neighborhoods around Los angeles city college safe?

We Answered:

Depends on how much money you have. You don't want to be within 4 blocks of the school (in any direction) and you wouldn't want to be south at all.

The comment about being white in that area isn't really true, I have a white friend who lives there and has for over a year.

Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park, West Hollywood, Mid-City are all really good options for you. I'd suggest driving the neighborhood at night before moving in.

How many people are out walking dogs? How many kids are out playing? Are people hanging around, look shady? Drive it at night and day. Also the LAPD has a gang map if that worries you.

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