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List Of Colleges And Universities

Jimmie Said:

Hi, can i please get a list of colleges/universities that offer pre-pharmacy?

We Answered:


Anita Said:

please give me a list of colleges, universities for undergraduate courses in economics in India?

We Answered:…

Michele Said:

how do i find a list of colleges/universities that offer a masters degree in Kinesiology/Athletic Training?

We Answered:

Here is a list of Graduate Athletic Training Education Programs. If you would like to become a certified athletic trainer you could got to one of these.

Danielle Said:

What website should i go to to get a list of colleges/ universities and their acceptable SAT scores?!?

We Answered:

its a pretty good score, depending on where you want to go. Try going to college board, but i don't know how much it would help you. The best way to go is go to the website of the college you really want to go to. If they dont have any available info for you on that, call admissions for your college of choice.

Timothy Said:

List of colleges/universities that do not cut athletes for football?

We Answered:

In my experience, unless you do something criminal or otherwise against the rules, they won't cut you altogether. I believe that the NCAA has rules about that, given that in accepting a scholarship from one school, you had to give up other opportunities. This isn't the NBA, in which you can be cut at any time. I'm not sure how it works if you have a career-ending injury, though.

If you mean by "cut", however, that they won't cut your playing time, regardless of how you do, I don't think there is any such school. Colleges have big football teams, and if you aren't performing, they will give someone else a chance.

Warren Said:

List of colleges/universities in America that do teaching courses and/or drama/acting courses?

We Answered:

I have a friend who's attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas to become a theatre director. You might want to look into going there.

NYU's a good one, so is UCLA or USC.
For information on any college you're interested in, go to

Christy Said:

How can I find a list of colleges/universities offering enology degrees?

We Answered:

I searched "enology degrees" and "oenology degrees". I couldn't find a list, but the following three schools are rated as the best oenology degree programs.

Washington State University
UC Davis
Fresno State

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