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Liberal Arts Colleges

Ethel Said:

How often do you have presentations in liberal arts colleges?

We Answered:

That completely depends on the professor, not the type of school. I do a lot more presentations at my university than I did at my liberal arts college - in 4 years there, I did one for an anthropology class (summarizing my paper), one for a physics class (here's a cool effect) and one to defend my honors thesis. Whether or not you have to participate in discussions completely depends on the type of class. Some encourage that, others actively discourage discussion during class.

Jimmie Said:

Where can I find a list of top liberal arts colleges in the Northeast/East Coast?

We Answered:

For Northeast:
1. Williams College(MA)
2. Amherst College(MA)
3. Swarthmore College(PA)
4. Wellesley College(MA)
5. Middlebury College(VT)
7. Bowdoin College(ME)
9. Haverford College(PA)
10. Wesleyan University(CT)
12. Vassar College(NY)
16. Colgate University(NY)
17. Hamilton College(NY)
17. Washington and Lee University(VA)
19. Smith College(MA)
20. Colby College(ME)
20. Bryn Mawr College(PA)
22. Oberlin College(OH)
23. Bates College(ME)
24. Mount Holyoke College(MA)
26. Barnard College(NY)
29. Bucknell University(PA)
30. Trinity College(CT)
30. Lafayette College(PA)
32. Kenyon College(OH)
32. College of the Holy Cross(MA)
34. University of Richmond(VA)
36. Bard College (NY)
39. Union College (NY)
39. Connecticut College
41. Dickinson College(PA)

More info at…

Harold Said:

Are there any liberal arts colleges with strong business programs that also has good advertising or marketing?

We Answered:

generally speaking liberal arts colleges dont have business programs. That being said, there are some schools that are similar to liberal arts colleges in size and feel. (Babson, Bentley, Bryant, etc.) Then there are colleges such as the University of Rochester, which are a bit bigger(5000 kids), have strong sciences programs, have their own business school and have econ/business strategies majors.

check it out!

Craig Said:

What are some of the best liberal arts colleges for creative writing?

We Answered:

Amhert, Reed, the mainline Philadelphia colleges like Swarthmore, and the (excellent!) English department at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Marcia Said:

Why do Liberal Arts Colleges receive less applicants than Ivys?

We Answered:

All of those reasons, plus the pervasive and incorrect sense that universities in general and the Ivies in particular are better. And just numbers; there are only eight Ivies, but a couple thousand liberal arts schools.

Loren Pope's little book, "Colleges That Change Lives", makes a powerful argument for four-year colleges. I can see that you don't need selling on that point, but if you know some kids who do, that's the book.

Joan Said:

What are some of the best liberal arts colleges for performing arts?

We Answered:

you say liberal arts, and you say theatre, so i'll give you very good liberal arts colleges with pretty good theatre programs. i take it you aren't looking for a conservatory:
sarah lawrence (good playwrighting program)
connecticut college

if you want a good musical theatre program, you'll have to look at some bigger places or conservatories (northwestern, NYU, etc.), but the ones listed above have good theatre majors. most liberal arts colleges will have them, and every college has theatre of some form or another.

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