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Laredo Community College

Charlene Said:

What will it take for our government to finally secure our nation's borders, especially the border that is?

We Answered:

It will take someone “important” such as a politician or a member of the demonrat’s media getting killed until they pay attention.
The violence doesn’t affect them and their loyalty is to the party first and foremost. They leave the little people to fend for ourselves and then sue and harrass border states that are trying to get the feds to enforce the existing border.The National Geographic HD Channel has an excellent series about the US/Mexican border. They do an excellent job of showing what our U.S. Border Patrol Agents and U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents are up against.

Zachary Said:

Do all loans go through the respective college's financial aid office?

We Answered:

You have a couple of options.

It sounds like you have reached your "attempted hours" max. In other words the dept of ed has determined you have attempted too many hours of college and should have graduated by now. Usually the cut off is 150% of what you would need to earn an assoicates degree. (Even if you weren't recieving finanical aid at the time. Dropped classes are still included in the attempted hrs).

So, you probably have almost 90 attempted hours.
associates degree usually takes 60 hours, so 150% of that is 90 hours.

If you transfer to a 4 year school, the amount of hours you can attempt is also 150% - but for a bachelors degree. Bachelors degrees usually take 120 hours. So you can have up to (120X150%)=160 hours before you are cut off.

So if you transfer to a 4 year school and take a ton of hours per semeter you may be able to graduate with your bachelors before you reach your max again. Either that of just go part time and Pay as you go.
Good luck.

Walter Said:

Can anybody explain how amnstey is greatly needed when May-June joblessness up in 90 pct of metro areas our?

We Answered:

The Citizens are not in front of Home Depot because the illegal aliens beat the hell out of them, and run them off if they show up. But more than that, the American Citizens can go to the human resources department and register. Employers are supposed to hire from the Human Resources Department, but they prefer Home Depot and the fact that all those people work under the table... no records. Millions of dollars in Taxes go flying out the window right there with the crummy bumbs standing out there in front of Home Depot, and with the rats that hire them.

In addition, usually, the American Worker is on the books, and if caught doing that, they would go to jail, or be fined. The illegal aliens just move and don't pay for what they are doing.

Now to the poster...

Illegal aliens are very mobile. The sleep in their cars, and use a vacant lot for an outhouse, and they are a significant health hazard when they come in numbers. So for seasonal work, they can be hired and fired willy nilly, and nobody cares. If we began to be honest about the processes, we could get the people who do that, and we could nail them.

That seasonal work doesn't pay much most places. People are out there looking for decent work, and seasonal work actually pays just enough for gasoline, but not car insurance. It is a problem everywhere in this country and a double party country would seem to be able to take care of that problem. Not the United States. What is truely sad.. the left wing of the Democratic Party won't help either. Obama talked a good talk.. I don't think he will ever deal with the problem.

We need, and badly, a national ballot initiative and with that, we need to shape this country to serve us as we serve the country. We are NOT put on this earth to serve business. We are supposed to contribute, but even that would be far, far easier and more benefical to the country than the ratso system they have now.

Calvin Said:

Why doesn't the Government help my city?

We Answered:

The U.S. government is already involved. The problem is they can't do anything about it because they have chosen to criminalize drugs. If drugs were legal the "Zetas" would be out of business. They profit from the prohibition of certain drugs.

Dianne Said:

Information on Laredo Texas?

We Answered:

Where do these people get their information? There are 2 campuses of Jr. College here and one State University (Texas A&M International University), they go out of their way to attract students from around the world to their programs about international trade. I would have to say Laredo is a strange choice for young people? What attracts you? It is a good place to learn Spanish, we are right on the border. Our biggest trade is import/export with more trucks than you can shake a stick at. The people here are very kind. If you want to visit another country come to Texas and Laredo.

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