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Housatonic Community College

Jay Said:

can any body tell me information ,about housatonic community colleges finance department in hartford,ct?

We Answered:

Information taken fro Housatonic Community College website

How Financial Aid Works
Financial aid awards are based on your enrollment status as of the 14th calendar day of the semester. Any course added after that time will not be covered by financial aid and will be billed directly to you.

Students should remember that:

Financial aid cannot be used for non-credit courses offered through the Continuing Education Program;
Financial aid cannot be used for audited courses;
Withdrawal during the first two weeks of any semester will result in the cancellation of all financial aid. Students will be billed by the Business Office for 50 percent of their tuition, all fees and any bookstore charges;
Please see Policy for Refunds of Cash Disbursement of Title IV financial aid for withdrawal policy after the first 14 days of the semester;
Financial aid does not cover the cost of any course and/or related books for which a student registers and never attends. The charges for any such course become the responsibility of the student who will be billed directly by the Business Office.
Student Responsibilities
All financial aid recipients are expected to make satisfactory progress toward completion of degree or certificate requirements. Every recipient should obtain from the Financial Aid Office a copy of Housatonic's policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress. In order to remain eligible, students who are the recipient of financial aid are required to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy established by the US Department of Education. Copies of this policy are available in the Financial Aid Office or the Student On Line System (SOS).

All financial aid applicants are assumed to be familiar with the contents of the HCC catalog. Students are responsible for reading and understanding all forms they are asked to sign and should keep copies of all documents submitted to the Financial Aid Office.
Financial aid recipients must inform the Financial Aid Office in writing of any change in name, address, marital status, family size, curriculum, or financial circumstances.

Students with questions concerning the accuracy or completeness of their applications should contact the Financial Aid Office. If your application is in any stage of processing or review and you have not received an official notification of financial aid at the time you wish to enroll, you will be responsible for your tuition bill at the time of registration, and must make payment arrangements with the Business Office. If payment arrangements have not been made and you do not have an official notification of financial aid, your classes will, in all probability, be cancelled.

The only formal announcement of financial aid is an official award letter or e-mail sent by the Financial Aid Office. Information on the SOS (Student Online System) is not official unless you have received an official e-mail award notification or have been sent an award letter.

Please Note
Applicants are responsible for completing all Federal eligibility and file completion requirements as soon as possible. Under NO circumstances will financial aid be available for the fall semester unless ALL requirements are satisfied by November 15; or for the spring semester by April 15.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy For Student Financial Aid Recipients
A student receiving Federal Title IV financial aid or other financial aid directly administered or certified by the college must maintain satisfactory academic progress towards the completion of a certificate or degree program of study. Satisfactory academic progress for financial aid recipients is measured by both quantitative and qualitative standards and is an assessment of a student's cumulative academic record at the college. Students should be aware that the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for financial aid recipients differs from the institutional Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

The current Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is available online, in Appendix

Vicki Said:

Transfer from a community college to NYU?

We Answered:

Since you only have 24 credits they will want you to send your ACT/SAT score. Usually if you have finished 2 years at a community college you don't need to submit Act/Sat scores. You should contact someone in their admissions office if you don't have an ACT/SAT score because you never took it and see what they say. They will also want your high school transcripts

Here is NYU's transfer website…

Tonya Said:

help!! with the qualifications part of my resume.. please?

We Answered:

I can't speak to the qualification's line because I don't know what the job is. However on your employment history you gave what you did, but did you get recognized for any outstanding achievement. That's what employers are looking. An example would be (reorganized dental records that gave a cost savings of $$$$$. Good Luck.

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