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Glendale Community College

Clinton Said:

What time does the glendale community college pool open in AZ?

We Answered:


Teresa Said:

What do I need to do to sign up for one class in Glendale Community College in my senior year of high school?

We Answered:

You need to be smart enough to find that out for yourself! Sorry, that's what I told my 15 year old when he wanted to take classes at a local CC this summer (not GCC, but close by).

But, since I'm feeling nice today, here you go:…

Be sure you know the policy of your high school, and the colleges you're interested in, regarding the CC class credit if that's the purpose of attending. My son attends a private school and they do not let the students use a CC class (or another school class) as a replacement for a class at their school, therefore it won't be included in their GPA. Some students take CC math classes for advancement and end up in AP Calculus AB in 9th, but they have to get prior approval and the CC classes don't count in the GPA. My son took classes in subjects he was interested in learning about, and to take AP tests for those subjects, if he remembers anything at the end of the school year.

Fall at GCC starts August 30, and Open Registration started at the beginning to August, so get your bu++ moving if you want to attend in the Fall. Don't know when you need to Apply by, but for another local CC the cut off date is very soon.

Good luck!

Jessie Said:

Why is CalState Northridge a better option than Glendale Community College for a freshmen in college?

We Answered:

Well it really depends on you...this is not really a question that anyone can answer. But I'll try, lol. It depends a lot on what you want. Back in around 06 I looked into going to Cal State Northridge and considered going there. I liked it and thought it would be a good choice, although I didnt go there I would have if I had the wherewithall to be in California (b/c I am from MA). Some people really want to just get right into a 4-year school from the start, some however prefer to do the Community college option to get an Associates then go onto to get the bacholars. Personally I think if you have the ability to do so you should go to Northridge but I have known many people to have problems transferring into schools from C.C.s, even if it is to a state school. Also most schools offer pretty good financial aid packages for those in need. Also going to a university, especially a large school like Northridge you would have a huge variety of majors and programs that you wouldnt at a C.C. The con of going to Northridge, might be the size, I mean maybe you don't want to go to a huge state school, even though idk about what the size of Glendale C.C. is. Hope this helps and good luck to you.

Deanna Said:

What dialect of Armenian is taught at Glendale Community College?

We Answered:

Apparently at the beginning level, classical Armenian is taught. Students who transfer to UCLA can take their choice of dialects, since both are taught there. To make sure, you should call the department and verify.

Willard Said:

Is Glendale Community College a good school (lots of answers please)?

We Answered:

Glendale Community College has a good reputation. Check out the Transfer Center pages:…

The Major sheets (Especially for your own fields of interest)…



They've got a good library

Check out the college catalog…

Computer labs…

Very helpful academic counselors…

Apply early for the best possible registration date!!

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