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Gateway Community College

Connie Said:

community college as a gateway to become a dr?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, nursing credits will not be applied towards becoming a MD, and community college is not a great gateway to med school. You need to take all your science (except a very basic intro course) in the pre-med curricula level at the university, not the CC. The CC should be for your basic ed classes if you wish to go pre med.

Lillie Said:

Which community college in Phoenix, Arizona has the best nursing program?

We Answered:

Place the name of each school separately into your favorite search engine and then add the phrase reviews and ratings. Compare and contrast them.

Tony Said:

Why are you interested in bieng a part of portland community college's gateway to college program?"?

We Answered:

To get the chicks dawg.

Tina Said:

I cant seam to find the site on gateway community technical college. where should i go?

We Answered:

Marlene Said:

how long is the average wait at gateway community college in Arizona?

We Answered:


For health fields the wait can be 6-12 months. You should talk with an admissions advisor if you have not done so. They must limit the admission, due to very high demand.

Good Luck!

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