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Free College Courses

Dolores Said:

How would you feel about a community college that offers free courses?

We Answered:

That's what an adult education center is for. What you're proposing would have to become accredited in order for anyone to take their degrees and certifications seriously, and that's a lengthy and expensive process - and you won't find anyone with an advanced degree willing to teach for free for very long. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and teach a course, not to mention meeting with students and grading work. I'm not against it, I just don't think it's practical.

David Said:

Do colleges offer free college courses to senior citizens?

We Answered:

The employment office in your state can offer you re-training if you qualify. Community Colleges don't offer free training, but scholarships are available - look online at your local community college, they should have a page dedicated to scholarships, how to apply, and what is available.
So they're 2 resources - Unemployment office in your state and scholarships at your local community college.

Good luck.

Melinda Said:

Is it possible for someone who is 75yrs. old to take some college courses free?

We Answered:

Potentially. At my institution courses are free (almost) to those over 65 years of age. The only fees they have to pay are the lab fees.

Ralph Said:

Are there any free online college credit courses that I may take even though I am an enrolled college student?

We Answered:

As far as I know, "free" and "transferable credit" are not compatible. If they are good enough to transfer, they cost money.

There are low-cost options - start with the state-supported institutions in your state. If you can take community college classes, and have them count, they will probably be least expensive.

You might want to talk to your advisor about whether there is anything you can do to pick up some more credits.

There are classes you can look at online, and you can see the assignments, but no one is going to grade them for free.

Amber Said:

How can I take free college courses?

We Answered:

Contact the college or university and ask them.

These courses do exist.

Just please try not to answer all of the questions in class to show that you know everything. No one cares that you know everything, they're just trying to learn. I have to put this out there because no one in your classes will tell you this, they'll just bite their tongues and wish you had stayed home.

Good luck! :-)

Melissa Said:

Where can I take free college courses in the Washington d.c area?

We Answered:

As fart as I can determine there are no free free college courses in the Washington DC area./

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