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Florida National College

Steve Said:

If Florida goes undefeated and win another national Title would you say Tebow is best college fb player ever?

We Answered:

Best ever is tough to just hand out but you cant really tell him no if they win a championship, ecspecially if he wins another heisman. His accomplishments will far exceed Tommie Frazier who is widely considered to be the greatest college QB to ever play. Why people dont like him is what makes him so good, he is a duel threat of which the likes the game has never seen before, not even the 6'5 250lb Vince Young was as strong a runner as Tebow. People need to wake up an realize that college QBs have to be able to do more than just stay in the pocket these days, take a look at the USC vs UW game, USC's offense struggled a lot based on the fact that Corps couldnt do anything once the recievers were covered or the presure got intense, Jake Locker on the other hand was able to leave the pocket when things broke down and keep the drive alive. Point is QB's cant be so heavily critisized for running the ball, the last 4 national championship teams have won with mobile to all out scrambeling QBs, not to mention the largest growing offensive style is the spread which warrants a moving QB. So it makes little to no sense to say he is not a good college QB because he runs the ball, its part of the game and these days is part of the position.

That being said Tebow should without a doubt be considered the greatest college football player of all time should he win this championship, and still be up for it even if they dont, no other player has been a better scorer than Tebow in history and few can claim the leadership skills he posesses. Not to mention that he is an amazing clutch player who can carry his team to victory by his lonesome, something most great players were known for. And honestly who can claim that they had a better college career than this...

3 National Titles
1 (or 2) Heismans
3x All American
Davey O'Brian Winner
(maybe 2x)MVP BCS title game
Only Player to ever rush for 20 and throw 20 tds
Has already accounted for 122 total tds so far in the toughest confrence of the decade (and will get many more before the season ends, and just for comparison Bradford only has 91 even with a 50 td season to this day, and Tommie Frazier only had 83 tds over his entire career.)

So i really dont see why Tebow doesnt already warrant argument for the best ever, much less if he wins another title

Max Said:

who will win the college national champion between florida and ohio st ?

We Answered:

florida 30 ohio st 24

Russell Said:

who do you see playing for national title in college football? florida and usc?

We Answered:

LSU vs USC!!

Mathew Said:

Should the University of Utah be crowned 2008 College Football National Champions over Florida & Oklahoma?

We Answered:

You have to give Utah some consideration because the beat some rated teams and they are 13-0. The BCS is set up really poorly and needs to change to a playoff system.

Frances Said:

Who do you pick to win the college National Championship game... OU or Florida?

We Answered:

Sooners 44-34. And their best players are Okies this year. Watch out for Moses Madu. Ou will probably give up a kick return TD & still pull out a win. They have horrible special teams. Bradford has nerves of steel though.

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