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Excelsior College Nursing

Nora Said:

Does anyone knows any information views about Excelsior college for Nursing?

We Answered:

Reviews and ratings for the school will be found below./

Ida Said:

excelsior college nursing please?

We Answered:

I am a graduate of Excelsior College (BS in Psychology, '07) and had friends in the nursing program who liked it very much. It is a wonderful school, fully accredited, and gives you the same degree you would get at any nursing school.

Victor Said:

Has anyone else graduated from Excelsior College with their Associates Degree in Nursing?

We Answered:


There's alot of folks in the forums at

that are currently going to Excelsior (I'm one of them for my second degree). I can't think of any offhand that are going in nursing or I'd give you a name, but pop in and post in the forums with this question if nobody answers it here.

Bunch of helpful folks, so I'm sure that someone could at least point you in the right direction.

Just something in case you come up dry here.

Good luck!

Derrick Said:

excelsior college of nursing?

We Answered:

Please try: They have lots of good information on various nursing degrees both Bachelors and Masters

Victor Said:

Does California recognize Excelsior College nursing degree?

We Answered:

No, they do not. I know this because I am a nurse and from California.

Honestly, I wouldn't even waste your time on an RN degree. They are barely hiring BSN grads, right now. Nursing was a terrible field for me to get into. I'm way too intelligent for it. Get into something more respectable.

EDIT: Seriously, you have to love when people give you a thumbs down for being helpful and honest. I am trying to compliment you and tell you to get into a better field! Honestly..they aren't even hiring BSNs right now..stick to your job and just keep saving money until the economy gets better.

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