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Everett Community College

Eric Said:

I Would Like To Start A Boarding Business?

We Answered:

As long as there aren't any pre-requisites on the class you want to take, it's no problem. Usually, you don't have to commit to getting the degree, especially in the first few "basic" classes.

Read the catalog. If there are no pre-requisites on the class you want, then head down and sign up. All they can say is no. You aren't out anything.

Yolanda Said:

Is 70.6% a passing grade for a Community College math class?

We Answered:

ya it is

Nelson Said:

Stafford Loans for Online Classes?

We Answered:

easily i did this, but the payer will need ok-good credit. and a tip, try to get he smallest loan you can and still live off of
u will have to budget but it will help in the long-run, especially when you have 5 or more % intrest.

Jennifer Said:

Enlist or finish college?

We Answered:

I am no expert in either, I didnt go to college or the military. I would say enlist, because you can learn all the skills while in the navy, you will have a better chance at getting a job because you have hands on experience. I think it is a honorable thing and I also believe your mind is already made up, but you feel guilty because of promises made, or maybe you feel as through you are running instead of facing your problems. You are to feel guilty about neither, being in the military is something to be proud of and everyone who loves you should respect your decision, after all I know I do and I don't even know you!!!!!...... you seem very level headed and seem to be taking into consideration every possibility.... good luck to you!!!

Dave Said:

Wanting To Take A Starting A Business Class?

We Answered:

I have taken a few classes on line at SkyValley Community Schools. The cost is minimal, $79.00 - I checked and they do have online classes for starting your own business - here is the link:…

Also, our state website has a ton of information on starting a business:

Best of luck!

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