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Elgin Community College

Clinton Said:

Do you have to have physics or chemistry to go into youth ministry?

We Answered:

No, Bible colleges have their own specific requirements and most would prefer you don't take any science classes. Learning how science works and general critical thinking skills undermines a religious 'education'.

Erin Said:

I was planning on taking two classes this summer. Is this a good idea?

We Answered:

Actually, I highly recommend staying in Champaign-Urbana and taking classes there during the summer.

I spent two summers in Champaign-Urbana, and took approximately 18 hours of classes over those two summers, including Financial and Managerial Accounting, Individual Taxation, and Introductory Statistics.

It's easier to focus over the summer (I didn't work), and the classses are easier.

If you can't stay in C-U during the summer, it's probably not a good idea to work and take classes at the same time, as I met people in summer classes that overextended themselves and ended up getting really bad grades during those two summers.

Lois Said:

Transfering to UIC?

We Answered:

I transfered all my credits from tri-c west
to OSU.
I made sure that the course codes that i need at OSU were the same course codes classes I took at tri-c.
Then my councilor was aware that i was transfering only to that school so then we planned all the course I could take at Tri-c and stilll be transfered to OSU. I saved money!!!
The transfer went very smooth, and all of my classes transfered

I was a 2year student with a 0 gpa. they transfered all the classes as a pass. So my 3.9 gpa was only on the transcripts. not entered into the OSU gpa.
I was able to get ahead of the scheduling for freshmen. ( i was still a first year OSU student) I got the pick of the class and times: ;> I would do it again for the savings on the course as well as housing.. I lived at home of course rent free.

Check out the counsilors and see who is willing to help you transfer and find course codes.

Sidney Said:

Any advice for someone wanting to go into pastry arts?

We Answered:

Get a real job

Gertrude Said:

Can I attend two colleges at the same time?

We Answered:

Sure you can do that. I'm currently attending two colleges for a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree. What you're thinking of doing sounds like it makes a lot of sense. You can support yourself as a pharmacy tech while you go to school to be a pharmacist!

Carmen Said:

how much is the tuition for these schools?

We Answered:


Elgin charges $91 per credit hour for students who live or work in the district. Out of district residents pay $392.25 per credit hour.

Twelve credits (full time) for a district resident will cost $1092 per semester ($2184 per year).

There are other fees that students must pay besides tuition. (enrollment fees, testing fees, lab fees, etc.)

Oakton Community also has special low rates that only residents of District 535 qualify for - their rate is $86 per credit hour. Out of district residents pay $272 if they are Illinois residents. Oakton also has application fees, lab fees, registration fees, and student activities fees that add to the total tab.

12 hours for a district resident would total $1032 ($2064 per year).

Triton is the cheapest - again - assuming that you qualify as a district resident. I'm guessing you are probably not in-district for all three schools. Triton charges $74 a credit hour in-district and $190.80 per hour for non-district residents. (with the usual add-on fees)

12 hours at Triton would cost you $888 per semester, which calculates to $1776 per year.

You can find that info here:……

Be sure you figure out which school you can attend "in district" or your costs will be considerably higher.

Good luck.

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