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East Los Angeles College

Alberto Said:

For the best, which Uni should i hv to transter from East los angeles college as accounting major?

We Answered:

USC maybe. Check out this site. It has all of the best collages for accounting major.

Michelle Said:

I will be a Student at East los angeles college, I want to know if i can later transfer to Harvard university?

We Answered:

Private. (See Massachusett)…

They accept transfer students - but...if I understand this correctly, won't be taking them for two years 2008-2009 & 2009-2010 due to housing limitations.…

Sue Said:

who has enrolled at east los angeles college auto tech ?

We Answered:

my uncle its solid

Charlene Said:

Does east los angeles college have a good photography class?

We Answered:

Yes, in my opinion. Since they moved into the tech building, they have a very good facility, and their courses are very thorough.

Patrick Said:

Has anyone taken a Math class with Yabuki, Shinchi at East Los Angeles College?

We Answered:

The chances that someone who has will turn up here are slim. I suggest

Veronica Said:

Whats the deadline to apply for East Los Angeles College fall 08'?

We Answered:

There is no deadline. You can go on the first day of fall semester and apply, but the lines will be really long. The sooner you apply, though, the earlier your registration appointment will be, and you'll be able to get better classes.

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