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Dallas Community College

Mario Said:

what is the best Community college for photojournalism in Dallas?

We Answered:


Art institute of Dallas

I'm not sure if they have it but it would make sense. and if you do go I'll probaly see you around. lol I'm going for culinary arts starting in the fall.

Myrtle Said:

What is the minimum SAT score needed to get into Brookhaven community college in Dallas?

We Answered:

community college lets everyone in. So don't worry about that, only state schools and other schools have standards.

Judy Said:

Question about the Dallas County Community College District?

We Answered:

You should be able to, but you better go in person to one of their campuses because they are impossible to deal with. I can't even get them to mail me a transcript. The people who work in that office are lazy and disorganized. I wish you the best of luck in this, but you better go in person, pay cash, and demand to register for summer classes.

Jimmy Said:

Can I still be a pediatrician and go to community college?

We Answered:

you will be fine

Tracy Said:

Is Dallas County Community College District a good college to get your associates degree for computer science?

We Answered:

Sorry, I could not find reviews for them./

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