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Corning Community College

Nina Said:

Will a scholarship i received through DeVry University be able to use at a different school?

We Answered:

That would depend on the scholarship itself, and which organization provided it. If it's from an organization specifically linked with DeVry University, it probably won't work at a different school. If, however, it was from an independent party with no affiliation with DeVry, and DeVry simply helped you to link up with them, then it ought to work at different colleges too. It all depends on the conditions of the scholarship itself.

If it doesn't work, you could probably look for new scholarships through your new university or through websites like… There are a lot of scholarships out there, it's just sometimes tough to find them.

Maureen Said:

Which college is best?

We Answered:

check out their profiles on
also, click on the 'how do i stack up' button to see how you compare to the majority of the school in terms of grades (SAT & GPA)

Martha Said:

Do you know if any of these are good colleges for early education or physical therapy ?

We Answered:

Daemen is the only one listed that offers PT. They also offer education. I happened to be an alumni

Cindy Said:

Transfer Credit for Med School?

We Answered:

It's fine to take pre-med classes at a CC, but you better get all A's in them because med schools know it's a lot easier at a CC.

3.4 is quite respectable for an engineering student. How many of your classes were GE classes and how many were bioengineering?

Herbert Said:

Which of the following duties would be delegable? a. John has a contractual duty to pay Isaac $50. b. Karl has?

We Answered:

c and d

Derrick Said:

Corning Community College?

We Answered:

You could try the Facebook page for Corning CC:…

Or look at the Blog (I used google blogs to find this)…

Hang out in the library:…

Or check out the clubs and contact Student Life!…

Ron Said:

About Kurdish food - learned the group size Perdaplow is now made in individual size in Iraq; you want one?

We Answered:

Thanks for the offer.

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