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Colleges In Usa

Lawrence Said:

What are the best colleges in USA?

We Answered:

My son just went through the same process, although we live in the USA. The first step is to go to or and find the colleges that fit you. Whether it's engineering, size of school, location, and other areas that interest you. Why go to a school that doesn't have what fits you? Just for the name? Then, look at the schools on line and see where you fit within the SAT's and grades. If you are at the top and the school offers merit scholarships, then you off to finding your school. Many of these schools have honors programs to beef up the level of difficulty. In addition, email admissions, financial aid, and department staff to find out more about the school.

We did that and wound up with scholarship money for the University of Dayton, in Chemical Engineering.

Edward Said:

What are the top colleges in USA for environmental scientists?

We Answered:

The very best of course is Tulane.

Tim Said:

What are some west USA Colleges that are easier to get into but challenging?

We Answered:

Pacific Union College
Santa Clara U

June Said:

Which colleges or universities in the USA are particularly good places to specialize in/study logistics?

We Answered:

What degree do you wish to pursue? Do you have a good grade point average? Have you taken standardized tests? If so, how did you do? Do you have job experience? With so many questions, it's difficult to tell you which schools are good places for you to study logistics.

At the graduate level (Master's) the best universities for scm/logistics are MIT, Michigan State, and Arizona State.

At the undergraduate level it's also those three universities, just in a different order: Michigan State, Arizona State, MIT.

At MIT you might experience better facilities and technology facilities/equipment.

At MSU you are exposed to a very industrious area (a few hours away from Detroit, where many auto manufacturers are located at)

At ASU you get a very special education because you are taught supply chain management with a holistic approach.

All of them are great schools, the thing is to know whether or not you have their requirements.

Most expensive: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Least expensive: Arizona State University

Joshua Said:

What are some colleges in USA that has a campus in either Europe or Asia?

We Answered:

Stanford University has sister colleges all over the planet :]

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