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Colleges In Missouri

Ross Said:

Colleges in Missouri to be a Pediatrician?

We Answered:

First you have to attend a four year school, then you have to go to medical school. This should take up about eight years of your time. After medical school, you go to a school that lets you study pediatric medicine. I think that is another three or four years. Finding this pediatric school right now is premature. Finish the first 8 years first, then you will know where you need to go.

Dan Said:

Colleges in Missouri that offer a Chinese language program?

We Answered:

Check out Washington University in St. Louis. They offer both undergraduate and graduate level courses/degrees in Chinese.…

Also look into their overseas program

How did I locate this? I like to search the Petersons' site (adv. search)…

All the best to you.

Maria Said:

Colleges in Missouri with good Marine Bio courses?

We Answered:

There are few jobs available in Marine Biology.

If you want to work with those cute dolphins, you merely need to look good in a swimsuit with a herring in your mouth.

Albert Said:

Colleges in Missouri for me and these degrees..?

We Answered:

I don't mean to sound "sharp", but neither of these professions is likely to lead to good employment.
Journalism is contracting with more lay-offs than new hires daily. Sociology seldom leads to steady employment.

However, if you want to study journalism, the University of Missouri, Columbia, has one of the best programs in the country.

The two universities which you mentioned are the two best in Missouri for most fields.

Vicki Said:

What are good colleges to apply for in Missouri?

We Answered:

I'm not in Missouri so I don't know of many. I know that Truman State University is a very nice school. Search here and see if it can help you find a school that fits what you want……

Paula Said:

What colleges in missouri should I consider?

We Answered:

USNews ranks Washington University in St. Louis as one of the top 15 (maybe it was top 10) national universities in the country. It should be better known than it is.

Second, the University of Missouri in Columbia, a large full service state university.

You might look at Truman State in Kirksville, because a large osteopathic school is also in town (though not part of Truman), although I think they're having some money problems currently.

Washington is by far the best, but since it's a private school, it will be the most expensive. UM is a large state U and offers everything, including a large medical center and school. TS probably should be the last choice.

Eileen Said:

What colleges in Missouri offer majors in marine biology?

We Answered:

Here's the thing about marine bio - it's not a great major if you want to go to graduate school for marine bio (bio is better), you will need a graduate degree to do much of anything in the field, and the schools that offer marine bio as a major aren't very good. You'd be better off majoring in bio at the best school you can get into and then going to grad school. And read the website below.…

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