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Colleges In Ca

Eleanor Said:

Can anyone tell me what colleges in CA have great English departments?

We Answered:

I would say UCLA. They're public too, so will be cheaper than say USC. But I reckon UCLA is better anyway.

Bernice Said:

Are there any colleges in CA that major in event planning?

We Answered:

For public schools, San Jose State, San Diego State and Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona and others.

You should look under majors for Hospitality or Management.

I keep posting these same two sites for California colleges. (UC/CSU) (all 2 and 4 year, public and private).

Ann Said:

What are the top colleges in CA for a business major?

We Answered:

UC Berkeley has one of the top undergrad prgorams in the country (Haas), but its pretty tough to get in and nearly impossible out of state. USC (Marshall) is great too, I guess it just depends which school you like more and can get into.

Shannon Said:

What are the best colleges in CA for a degree in criminal justice?

We Answered:

Hi! If you would like information on colleges and/or universities in California then who better to get your answers from then the school itself. This site, California College Search, has many different ways to find the college that matches your interests, whether it be by the beach or having the major that you desire (criminal justice). You can look up schools by zip code, city, name or type of the college, or by degree. After you find the college you would like to attend fill out the corresponding school's form and receive free information right to your front door.

Criminal Justice:…

Good Luck!

Mark Said:

What are a few good community colleges in CA?

We Answered:

If you're planning to transfer to UCLA, you will want to look for a community college that offers the transfer alliance program (TAP). Santa Monica College has the highest transfer rate to UCLA out of all the CC's, and offers this program. TAP not only give you priority admissions to UCLA, but other universities in California as well. I'm not sure which CC's would offer this for USC or Berkeley, but I'll provide the link for colleges that offer the TAP program.

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