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College Student Loans

Terry Said:

What is a trusted finance company to use for college student loans?

We Answered:

It's not so much what finance company to choose-but I would stick with banks such Chase or Bank of America. If you do choose unknown firm check their background and read the fine prints, but focus more on getting the best interest rate.

Heather Said:

can i still become a certified teacher if i "defaulted" in college student loans?

We Answered:

Oh my goodness yes. I used to teach school and although I never defaulted on a loan, I know a couple who did and still have jobs. The only time you have a problem is if you have a record (common sense) or if you got reprimanded for using corporal punishment with a student (meaning you paddled a child without permission). Just stay out of jail (LOL), get certification (or better yet get some type of teaching license that can have you teach and get certified at the same time. That way you can do both and get paid a teacher's pay) and you'll be fine.

Edgar Said:

Are student loans a realistic wa to fund college?

We Answered:

not if you aren't sure that you can pay them back.

Kelly Said:

What are the best college student loans?

We Answered:

your schools fin aid office will offer low interest fixed rate student loans with no cosigner needed. All you need to do is fill out the fafsa at

Frederick Said:

What's the best student loans for college? Does anyone have personal experience with one?

We Answered:

if you are asking about alternative loans, check with your financial aid office for some advice. They should have a list of suggested lenders that are well know and legitimate. WATCH OUT FOR FEES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gloria Said:

I am scared of my College Student loans?

We Answered:

This is a choice you have to make for yourself, that is a lot of money to be unsure of but...

I was in the EXACT same situation four years ago. I was a C student in high school, and I was unsure of college because I would have to pay for it myself. So, I'm entering my senior year 75k in debt. It sucks, but you have to spend money to make money. If you were a C student in high school, that means you really didn't try (no offense, but be honest with yourself, Wikipedia has most likely been your most frequent source...) so just try in college and you'll be fine! With that debt your monthly payment will range from $800 to $1000, so about $12000 per year. That seems like a lot, but when I run into friends from high school who never went to college, they're working low wage jobs making about $200000 or less per year; new college graduates make ABOUT $40000 a year in salary (give or take, it really depends on your job...) So, if you're lucky, it should work out...

It's a different situation for everyone though, if you're really worried, then take it slow, go to a community college, get your associates so you have a degree to fall back on. Then transfer to a state school and get your bachelors.

Apply for scholarships and state grants etc, see what you can get.

Just think it over; some people say that the rule of thumb is never take out more than you expect to earn in the first year out, but that's not exactly realistic. 60 k is A LOT of money in loans, so be sure you know what you want before you start!

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