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College Online Programs

Lloyd Said:

What do you think of online college programs?

We Answered:

Well I think any kind of education is good. You are still learning and you have to do homework. I say whatever works for you. Congratulations on higher education.

Julio Said:

Online programs for college?

We Answered:

You should definitely consider attending an online college. Although some might say an online degree will be easier to earn, or will not be respected by employers, that is simply not the case.

Your degree will be identical to the degree conferred upon traditional brick-and-mortar students... and as an online student myself, I can assure you, the programs are every bit as rigorous!

Dozens of well-known, respected universities ranked in the Top 100 by U.S. News offer online programs (Penn State, Syracuse, Boston U, University of Illinois, and so on). Even Ivy League universities are catching on... Harvard University offers online classes through their Extension School, and Cornell has several programs offered entirely online.

Personally, I would advise against attending any college that is synonymous with online learning. Attend a well-established university that also has a campus program. State schools often have the best tuition rates and people don't immediately think of online learning when you say you earned your degree at the University of Illinois or UMass.

The best feature of an online degree is flexibility. I have attended traditional classes and online classes, and I prefer the online format. As an online student, I am able to work full-time and carry a full-time course load. You can also afford to be picky about your program of study. There are literally hundreds of colleges offering online programs.

In terms of academics, as I mentioned previously, classes are every bit as challenging as traditional classes. In fact, I would say I work harder as an online student than I ever did when I was attending night classes. Also, if you shop around, online colleges can be more economical than traditional schools.

Juan Said:

I am trying to do an online college program in geography so I can get my bachelor's degree. Does anyone know?

We Answered:

I don't believe any fully online programs offer this program. You are

going to have to go to a traditional college that offers online courses.

Most traditional colleges offers online courses and you never have to

attend the college until graduation day. Have you ever thought about

about going abroad (cruise ship) for school?

Arthur Said:

Are there any programs that I can take online to prepare me for college?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Sonia Said:

online college programs?

We Answered:

My best recommendation would be to contact a number of colleges to find the best fit for you and your needs (tuition, schedule, career opportunities, etc.). Too often people enroll in the first school they find rather than taking the time to find the best school for them. Taking that time now could save you a lot of time, money and frustration if you choose the wrong school.
This site has some good info on regionally accredited online degrees and some colleges that offer them to help expand your search:
I think you can enter your info on there for any colleges you are interested in and they will send you more info for free. Good Luck!

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