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College Majors List

Wilma Said:

I'm a junior in high school but don't no Wat i want 2 do in college where can i find a list of college majors?

We Answered:

There are way too many majors out there. Not all colleges offer the same number of majors.

Just pick a college you're interested in, go to the school's website, and take a look at all the webpages.

If you have an idea of what you want to be after you graduate, that can help narrow down the list of majors you should choose from.

Debbie Said:

Where can I find a list of college majors?

We Answered:

Well every college has their own list of majors organized by departments. So I would recommend checking out colleges that you are interested and going through their departments and majors they offer. If that doesn't work I would recommend this website:

Mitchell Said:

list of jobs?.. college majors and list of jobs?

We Answered:

Nope. There are so many things you can do with any major, and a lot of jobs that don't require a specific major, just that you have a bachelor's degree. The best way to figure out what you want to go to school for is to assess your aptitude, interest, and demonstrated skill in a variety of areas and see what seems like the best fit. You want something you like, are good at, and have some experience in.

Alan Said:

Can anyone get me a list of college majors?

We Answered:

Yes. A major is a 'focus' or primary reason of entering. Now there are a few ways to look at it.

You can major in 'general studies' - this will make you well rounded versus a major in 'bioengineering' would make you very specific. But the real objective of college comes in how you face challenges, your ability to learn and remember material, and time management.

I would search for what do I like versus what can I make money in. Your main goal is to succeed. You can ALWAYS go get a Master's in any other subject.

I have a friend that majored in Music because she LOVES it. Did VERY well, GPA of 3.8. Went back for a MBA and now is a HR director. I choose my degree in business because I've worked in the field beforehand.

Most colleges do give you a 1 1/2 years to pick. Make your first few semesters 'general education' classes that would apply to any major to avoid more college time and find a subject you might like. Dont be afraid to ask others about their major or try an intro class or two.

Check out the website below.

Christy Said:

Where can I find a list of majors and what they do?

We Answered:

Here is a link from College Board (SAT)……

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