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California Colleges And Universities

Wade Said:

Which California Colleges/Universities have major of interior designing?

We Answered:

Check the ASID website.…

Those are all the accredited programs in California. Remember, in most states, you need to be a graduate of one of thee programs to be licensed/certified as an Interior Designer.

Pay no attention to other accrediting bodies...this is the one that counts.

Jay Said:

Why do California Colleges, Universities professors quick to endorse a Democratic candidate?

We Answered:

Back when professors didn't get much money, mostly Democrats ended up in the profession. Aren't they allowed to have their own opinions about things? I know plenty of Republican professors, but the majority do tend to be Democrat. Good grief, they are mingling? Oh, the horror! If you can't take a professor's bias into account in college, you are not old enough nor mature enough to be there.

Allan Said:

Best California colleges/universities for history majors?

We Answered:


Ida Said:

Which California colleges/universities offer courses to become a book editor?

We Answered:

A degree in journalism will help you get a job in the publishing industry. Check out the program at UCLA, they have one of the best in the nation. Good luck!

Terrence Said:

What California Colleges/Universities do you recommend?

We Answered:

UCBerkeleyis no 1, USC is good but expensive, UCLA, SDSU, Pepperdine is awesome for International business but a little expensive. My advice to you is attend a community college first that is cheap, and getb your business prerequisites first from, then Transfer. Most importantly, when you go to to a community college, don't focus on getting your associates rather than getting your preQ coursework done. See what transfers to your prospective choice and get done with it.

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