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California College San Diego

Tony Said:

Has anyone heard of California Medical College in San Diego?

We Answered:

Don't know anything about that school, but I would think that if you want to work in anything in any kind of medical field you would definitely want to attend an accredited program.

Richard Said:

how can i get to otay elementry school from maric college in san diego california in a city bus?

We Answered:

I am not sure, but you can call 1800 commute

George Said:

Please help!! California College San Diego- Respiratory Therapist?

We Answered:

Grossmont College (it's a community college) has a Respiroty Therapist program. And it's $22 a unit! The waiting list is a bit long, though. You should still check it out. Beats $67,000 by a long shot.

Harold Said:

what kind of college is the california college- san diego?

We Answered:

I've lived in San Diego for a number of years and never heard of it, so I had to look it up! It looks like a technical trade school with limited programs. Our more popular schools are UCSD and SDSU.

Neil Said:

is the college area in san diego california a safe place to live?

We Answered:

Hey Jackman,

I am assuming that you mean S.D.S.U. area and not U.C.S.D. or U.S.D. or San Marcos or Point Loma or the two law schools.

I am with jit! North of 8! Also, look into Normal Heights. You are a very quick bus ride away from the center of Campus - No parking hassles and the bus runs until 11:00pm

Stay away from the Montezuma Road area or any area where there are alot of apartments. They always have a ton of Car thefts in those areas.

Also, have you thought of Mission Valley or Mission Gorge? While I find Mission Valley kinda expensive, there are a couple of areas around Mission Gorge that I like (Off of Aero)

Good Hunting!

James in San Diego

Cynthia Said:

California College San Diego is useless?

We Answered:

Hi there I agree... I go to this school and the more I stay here the more I am disappointed at first it sounded like the solution to all my problems i am enrolled in the bachelors program for medical specialties and will be shooting for x ray technician but they are letting me down more and more i am supposed to be done with all this in 3 years with a graduation date of may 25 2011...

i took a cpr class and they havent gave us our cpr cards in 6months

my boyfriend went on leave for the military and the deans and teachers had a copy of his orders and even though they knew that they disenrolled him from the school even though he was doing all his work online... also he was supposed to be making payments to the school but no payment letters have ever been sent to him so now his account is past due and deliquent by 700 dollars plus...

my friend was trying to get a house and come to find out she had a strike on her credit because the school had applied for a loan in her name without her signature... she didnt get to get her house...

they books are not available when you need them like they promised

they put you in circles when youhave questions about certain things with the school

and i have another friend who was alreaday done with everything and was justwaiting on a radiology class that they offer but wasnt availble which had him stuck for another year

the librarian has no respect for anyone at the school and talks very rude to students including me

i just hate it here now and i am getting more and more discouraged and i am looking into another school because my future and 64,000 is at stake yes the program i am in costs 64,000 its not like i am trying to be a doctor right lol

this school is about the money not about the student

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radiology fellowship personal statement said:

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