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Best Online Colleges

Leo Said:

Does an online degree holds the same value as the regular one? What are the best online colleges to go for?

We Answered:

Contrary to what some people tell you, an online degree from a regionally accredited school does NOT guarantee that employers will accept the degree for employment purposes. It MAY be acceptable for promotion within a company that already employs the graduate.

On-line degrees carry a serious stigma. The best evidence for this is the extreme lengths online students go to to prevent being outed as online students. They are always asking whether the transcript or the diploma itself will betray them.

Rodney Said:

What is the best way to learn about online colleges?

We Answered:

Pick a college - any college. Go to their web pages and find the online courses information. Everybody and his brother teaches online these days. That probably includes your local state university and your local community college. It ranges from the top (… ) to the bottom ("as seen on TV") colleges in the US.

Deciding which classes to take is a different issue. The question has to be answered "why are you taking classes?"

If it's to earn a degree then the classes to take are those required for the degree from that college. It's not the same for every college and every major. You can't just decide on a bunch of classes and expect to get a degree that way. Not all colleges that teach online allow completion of a whole degree online - many do. An online Associate of Arts (general studies) from a state community college is a good way to collect some general education hours and have a degree when you're done. Here's an example, there are plenty out there.

If it's to learn something then it doesn't matter what's required of the degree - take whatever you'd like to learn about. You can even take guitar online - - from the best college of commercial music in the world. [that's not beginning guitar lessons]

If you'd like to qualify for some specific vocation then you'll need to get whatever qualification that profession requires. Some can be done online - some can't. It depends entirely on what you're trying to qualify for.

If you're collecting hours to speed up the degree process later - such as taking a bunch of general education courses to transfer later - then the important key is that word "transfer". The more mainstream and well known your college choice, the better the chance of transfer. But, some of those "as seen on TV" colleges have a bad reputation among other colleges and you'll want to avoid them. Honestly, in this case, the best option is the cheapest state run community college you can find. English 101 from one community college isn't any better than English 101 at another so you might as well save as much money as possible.

If the community college system in your state doesn't meet your needs, take a look at Florida, New Mexico, and California. They have plenty of online programs and they are cost effective. Florida even put them on a single web page for you.

Which classes? If you're not following a degree plan then you're fairly safe collecting (make sure it's transfer level and not remedial or vocational): two semesters each of Freshman comp, American History, Math (algebra and above), and Sciences (with labs). One semester each of American Government, an art (music appreciation, art history, theater), a behavioral science (psychology, sociology, anthropology), computer literacy/applications, literature, econ (macro or micro), and some lower level courses in whatever it is you plan to major in to total 60 hours. Don't go over 60 hours at a community college - senior colleges limit transfers from community colleges to 60 hours.

If you'd like to see some really well run (and very difficult but you learn lots of stuff) online classes then do some at Harvard (link above) or UC-Berkeley

Ana Said:

What are the best online colleges that offer veterinary assistant classes?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Jo Said:

What are the best online colleges/universitys ?Do any of them speed up your degree?

We Answered:

When looking for a "best" online college, you must look for an accredited school. A database of accredited colleges and universities can be found at

The better schools will be at least regionally accredited. Lesser schools will be nationally accredited by the DETC.

Your best bet to transfer credits into a 4-year institution is to check with the institution where you want to get your bachelors degree for their requirements. If at all possible, get anything they tell you in writing.

Now, for independent study courses that you can probably transfer to your local community college, you can try courses at LSU. LSU has some of the cheapest independent study courses available anywhere.

Another option you can try is to take advance placement exams. AP tests are hard, but most U.S. schools will grant college credit for a good score on an AP exam. You don't have to actually take an AP course in high school to take an AP test. Check with your school's AP coordinator.

CLEP and DSST tests are another option. Many schools (not just online schools) accept CLEP and DSST tests for college credit. Information on CLEPs and AP tests can be found at and information on DSSTs can be found at

Good luck,

Lloyd Said:

What are the Best Online Colleges on the Web Today?

We Answered:

The best? The best online programs are at the best colleges. Easy enough.

Harvard University -…
UC - Berkeley -
Cornell University -
University of Oxford -

There are 1000's of choices for you out there. Everyone and his brother teaches online these days.

I bet the community college that you're planning to attend also teaches online. Take a look and see.

Lee Said:

What is the best online colleges for getting a degree?

We Answered:

Call down to your local PD or Sheriff's office (non-emergency number) and ask for the training officer. Tell the TO what you're thinking of and get his opinion.

He will know where people in that location have gotten their education. It's very possible that more than a few were online degrees.

The academic field of criminal justice and CJ administration is wide open right now with new programs being added all the time.

A few regionally accredited that have an AA/AS/AAS in Criminal Justice are Liberty, Iowa Central, Rasmussen, Fisher, Stonecliffe (Colorado Tech), Keiser U. Post has an AS online in Legal Studies.

Any of the social sciences should be acceptable for that profession as well though I'd suspect they'd rather see applicants with a BA/BS.

Don't stop your search for a good school at the heavily advertised for-profits (UoP, Kaplan, etc...) but remember, they are regionally accredited too.

Nationally accredited (such as ACICS or DETC) schools are legit and valid but will cause you a transfer problem later if you want to further your studies at a regionally accredited school.

Before you make your final decision - be certain the school has the level of accreditation you need. Ask here or on or

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college gpa requirement list said:

There are many on-line colleges. Even the standard state college and most personal ones will provide the choice of taking classes on-line.

personal statement template for college said:

The best online education is to keep with mainly community educational institutions that offer both on the online and face-to-face education. These will be less expensive than for-profits (Kaplan, Strayer etc.

college application checklist said:

Look around your community, I hope you can find many online colleges which were best for you because almost all colleges are the best if you want to learn and gain some thing.

application supplement said:

Every College is best if you want to study and learn something, Online colleges are best and easier way to gain knowledge with less fees and you can earn degree online.