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Aerospace Engineering Colleges In India

Kenneth Said:

which is the best college for Aerospace Engineering in India?

We Answered:

he is correct

it is the best coll. in india.......u shuld try in it

Margaret Said:

What are the colleges that offer a course in aerospace engineering in India?

We Answered:

hi, plz click the follwing link to get the necessary information. all the best

Ross Said:

can anyone give me the names and locations of any aerospace or aeronautics engineering colleges in india?

We Answered:

In madras ie chennai u have HIET.In hyd there is one and it is affiliated to JNTU

Terry Said:

Colleges in India that offer HND Aerospace Engineering?

We Answered:

Information is below./

Edith Said:

how to become a aerospace engineer ?which college should i join ?i'm studying 12th standard in india.?

We Answered:

Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, USA has an excellent program. You can even get your PhD in Aerospace Engineering there.

Also, Embry-Riddle in Florida, USA is a great school.

Hope this helps.

Yolanda Said:

What is the difference between Aeronautical and Aerospace engineering (in India)?

We Answered:

Aeronautical is associated with Airplanes while Aerospace is associated with The Space Shuttles and other similar stuffs

Allan Said:

which colleges in india or abroad offer Aviation Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering ,Aerospace Engineering?

We Answered:

Aeronautical Engineering is offered by the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, Mumbai, Kanpur and Kharagpur and also by the Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.
The Madras Institute of Technology offers a three year Graduate Programme in Aeronautical Engineering for B Sc students, subject to their having passed Maths and Physics at the graduation stage. The Indian Institute of Science (IIS), Bangalore has M Tech and Ph D programmes in Aeronautics.…

You may find the list of other institutes in the web page given below.…

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