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Accredited Online Colleges

Marcus Said:

Who decides what online colleges get accredited?

We Answered:

Hey Just Me,
I am glad to see you really doing your homework before throwing down your money.
Basically you end up with three categories of accrediitation. The first is real, the second is just a deploma mill and not real but you still graduate for money, and the third is somewhere in between.

This is not easily answered si I thought I would give you some sites that might satisfy you.……………

I included the U of Phoenix since you had mentioned interest before this helps.pp

Jeff Said:

I am looking to further my education online. What are some good ACCREDITED online colleges that offer programs?

We Answered:

This site has some good information on regionally accredited online degree programs (including secondary ed) and the colleges that offer them:
I'd recommend contacting a number of schools to find the best fit for you and your needs. Good luck!

Irma Said:

Resource for accredited online colleges?

Diane Said:

what are some of the best online ACCREDITED colleges that i can apply for online for a degree in education?

We Answered:

I would recommend going to and browsing through the programs that interest you the most. eLearners is a resource site, dedicated to online degrees, programs and classes. They've made it easy to browse through, find the program you like and easily compare it to other online programs.

Here's the link:

Hope that helps. G'luck in your search!

Hazel Said:

Are there any properly accredited ONLINE colleges that offer a degree in Industrial Engineering?

We Answered:

Here is a link for you

They have multiple online school research tools that helps you to find the right school.

Christina Said:

how can i find out what online colleges are accredited in Nova Scotia, Canada?

We Answered:

there are many copmany's which are providing on-ilne courses.
for aptitude question visit…

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