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2 Year Colleges

Phyllis Said:

Has anyone ever gone to a 2 year college and then transferred to a 4 year college? Are 4 year colleges HARDER?

We Answered:

Sweetie, Most teachers at community have taught the same lesson at a 4 year college. The 2 year colleges are require to provide the same expectations in the class room. Your classes would not transfer if a 4 University felt you were not prepared. However,community colleges typically have less students in each class and teachers can focus more time on your needs and questions.

Karl Said:

Do good colleges ever accept students who took a really really long time to finish at 2 year college?

We Answered:

Of course a good school would take that person.... i honestly took 3 years to get my degree and graduated with honors classes (i was one credit short of honors to graduate with honors) and graduated with a good GPA and i am now enrolled in a very outstanding school finishing my bachelors up... it doesn't matter how many semesters it takes to get your degree as long as you work hard and have the grades and degree to prove it!.... i only took 3 years cause i also cheered while i was there and didn't take the full 15 credits a semester since i had very little time.... hope this helped

Ben Said:

What 2 year colleges are within an hour or two of where UCLA or Santa Monica college are?

We Answered:

west l.a. college
l.a. city college
glendale community college
east l.a. college
pasadena city college
l.a. southwest college
el camino college
rio hondo community college
a lot more

Maureen Said:

Do colleges reject people because they took quite a long time to finish at their 2 year college?

We Answered:

The time it takes one to get through community college shouldn't matter to 4 colleges or universities. If it does to the school you are considering, consider another school, because it indicates an elitist mentality is at work. I personally didn't return to college until 11 years after completing my first 2 years. I went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Mathematics and Biology, and earned membership in a Math honorary society, Pi Mu Epsilon, while attending classes part time and working full time for the majority of 11 more years. So don't let time spent in community college discourage you from applying to one of the Ivy League Schools. It doesn't mean you are incapable of doing the work, just that you took a non-traditional route in completing your education.

Elmer Said:

What kinds of mathematic topics and uses are learned in physics class at 2 yr colleges vs. 4 year colleges?

We Answered:

THis depends on the 2yr school that you attend but for the most part its the same stuff. First year and 2nd year college physics hasn't changed in 80 years. Its basically magnetism, electromagnetism, and newtons laws. All require you to know calculus. And since calculus hasn't changed in 200 years... I'de say you have the potential to get just as good of an education at a 2yr school as a 4yr school; it just depends on how much time you are willing to spend studying! Goodluck

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