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Writing A Case Study Analysis

Brent Said:

What's the difference between "results of analysis" and "conclusion" in a science essay?

We Answered:

I love these questions, considering the fact that I myself am working on a report :D

Results of Analysis is just simply what you got out of your experiment, You must include all information that you've obtained from your experiment (which is your crime scene). So, you have to analyze the crime scene, take note of everything that you've observed and write it up in an 'easy to read' format (i.e use tables and graphs-if you have to). Your results analysis must not include any of your thoughts or opinions, just the facts.

Your conclusion is just what YOU conclude out of the experiment. Say, you watch an apple drop from a tree. Your result of analysis would be; 'The apple dropped from the tree' BUT your Conclusion would be; the apple dropped from the tree most probably due to gravity. It's just what you most probably happened and it has to be backed with scientific facts.

I hope this helps. Google it too. :)

Rhonda Said:

I need to write an analysis paper on a case study any ideas? I don't know where to start?

We Answered:

I like to use an outline to organize my thoughts. Take a look at the directions you've been given for the assignment - what sort of things are you supposed to be analyzing? I would be as specific as possible in making your outline, so your paper is basically filling in the blanks. For example:

I. Introduction
A. Concise summary of case study
B. Thesis - Is the study typical or atypical? What is the main point you are supposed to take away from it?

II. First problem/type of problem - this is where the directions come in handy. Are you supposed to pin down, say, whether it's the manager's problem or the employees'? Are you supposed to make suggestions for what he could have done differently? What specific sort of analysis are you supposed to be doing?

III-IV+ Rinse and repeat

V. Conclusion
A. Sum up important points of paper - mention something from each body paragraph is the general rule of thumb
B. Clincher - what should readers take away from your analysis? Can they use you as a resource in managing their own businesses? A conclusion can also serve as a call to action - What do you suggest the case study subject/reader to do?

Julio Said:

case study about late employee?

We Answered:

Analyze the problem - why are employees late and what impact does that have on others, productivity, morale, etc.?

Kimberly Said:

Help with a Panera Bread Analysis?

We Answered:

I am not entirely sure what you need her but my thoughts are:

S - completeness of nutritional information provided, nutritional content of bread etc, ease of access to that information

W - lack of information on nutritional content, inaccurate/out of date information etc., poor communication of information

External Threats - What do companies offering similar food fare provide in terms of nutritional content, price, information availability etc.

Hope this was helpful but I feel like I am in the dark since you provided so little information. Good luck.

John Said:

Do you think our academic writing service rates are fair enough?

We Answered:

They are too high. I would do the work myself.

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