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Write Case Study

John Said:

Need Resources To Help Write My Case Study On Nuclear Power?

We Answered:

Greenpeace website (argument against)
British Nuclear Fuels website (arguments for)
Wikipedia (what it is and how it works).

Veronica Said:

What do I have to write about in my case study?

We Answered:

Come on, this is something you either need to ask the professor (I assume this is college or law school level) or decide for yourself and just do it. Can you ask someone in your class?

If not, then write what the court decided, then your own reasoned take on it.

Christina Said:

How to write case study in principle of management?

We Answered:

Try this query on google, you will get what you want.

"management principles" +case +study +free -buy -$

Warren Said:

How do I write a case study with questions after it.?

We Answered:

You always do a summary last.
The problem, the solution, your opinion, how it affects both parties, and then a conclusion.

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