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What Is A Case Study

Anne Said:

What's going on with the UK Theory driving test now? Case Study?

We Answered:

Ignore it! lol
Basically, the first 45 Q's are exactly the same as they always were. The last 5 Q's is now a Case Study as you rightly say. But all this means is that they give you a scenario e.g. "You were visiting your friend Jimmy's house. You go to leave and realise it has been snowing."
Then you get 5 related questions, exactly the same questions you would have got anyway!
So you don't need to learn anything new, just the standard Q's you already have revised.

If you want to check your knowledge download my Free Cheat Sheet (Link below) It covers 99% of what you need to know

Good luck with your test

Tonya Said:

What are the components of a case study?

We Answered:

You did not specific what the study was about; so, here are some examples.…


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