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Water Pollution Case Study

Miguel Said:

Chemistry Challenge! 10pts Best Answer!?

We Answered:

Lake X has more carbonate, so Lake X can withstand more acid precipitation.

It's the carbonate that reacts with acid. The more you have, the more acid that can be neutralized.

Claude Said:

chemistry help 10 points!?

We Answered:

lake z, less calcium carbonate means stronger, cleaner water

Thomas Said:

Help me choose a topic to write my environmental science research paper..[plz]?

We Answered:

the effect of current conservation programs on populations of grizzly bears in the Rockies

Eva Said:

i can't understand what to do in my project pls help!?

We Answered:

i think go with the third one k
rite the pollution n then its effects(problems) then do case study in locality

Carolyn Said:

Major water issues in the state of Colorado?

We Answered:

hi there,a lot of reading for you on this link,might help?…
regards pops..

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