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Ted Case Studies

Jesse Said:

How could you design a study using the experimental method to prove this case?

We Answered:

Well, we can form 3 groups of volunteers. There should be enough people for each group, however. There should be a control group, a yogurt group, and a placebo group. The control group doesn't have to take anything... they just needed to be observed as they are. The yogurt group will have the yogurt as a part of their daily diet for one year. The placebo group will have a placebo which resembles the yogurt only superficially, it could be another brand of yogurt or just thicker milk, or whatever. At the end of the experiment, the violent tendencies of these people will be evaluated. If all groups will have the same tendency of violence at the end of the year, then that means that the yogurt doesn't do anything. If both the placebo group and the yogurt group will have elevated levels of violence, chances are, the problem is psychological. If only the yogurt group has increased tendencies, then the yogurt should be analyzed further - chemically, etc.

Betty Said:

how long was the Ted Bundy case in court? Did it take long to select the jury? did the jury come to...?

We Answered:

You can find this info on line.

Tina Said:

If homosexuality can be cured, what does that say about the "gay gene" idea?

We Answered:

The "gay-gene" is a myth and has about as much validity as global warming. It's a theory based on an opinion, not fact.

Lance Said:

Can you help me with psychology homework?

We Answered:

First we have to dig him up. Then we would use electrodes on him to within inches of his life. Then we castrate him. With the electrodes. See What he has to say about that and study him when he sweats. (Probably can't do that anyway unless it's a Rhesus monkey.)
Some people are true psycho or socio pathic to the point that there is no cure except extinction. Bundy is one of them.

Jesus Said:

i am looking for map showing the sites of ted budys victims (both body sites and abduction sites) for uni?

We Answered:

I think you need to study English first, but good luck with it anyway.

Angel Said:

How Come Psychiatrists Say That Sociopaths Are Not A Valid Mental Illness?

We Answered:

I have studied serial killers a lot and very few of them are actually crazy. One of the definitions of "crazy" is that they don't know right from wrong. Since many of them know what they are doing is wrong (but choose to do it anyway) they are not crazy. But they are considered morally inept. Its the same way that we all know that lieing ect(just a example not anything personal) is wrong but we do it anyway. Its just that people like that have more serious things that they do like torturing and killing people. And yes technically that is a mental illness in and of its self. Called psychopath. So it is a mental illness but not enough to plea Innocent by reason of insanity. But even depression is a mental illness. Would you say that all depressed people are crazy?

Rose Said:

HELP! if u were writing a crime case study & had todo research on internet only which criminal would u choose?

We Answered:

yes a good old fashioned murderer or like the man who held those girls captive for like 20 years or something now that would give you some really interesting psychological points to talk about, if u chose a serial killer i would try to make it a really in depth character who there is lots to discuss about, just an ordinary murderer could be a bit boring for such a project so good luck on ur findings, i would have a real long search b4 u decide so ur project is a real good 1....texas chainsaw massacre???? see links below hope it helps out

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