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Social Work Case Studies

Hector Said:

Could anyone tell me if there is a sight that shows social work case studies cant seem to find any.?

We Answered:

hello only me again! try these sites and im sure you will find your answers:

Mabel Said:

I want to be a social worker..?

We Answered:

the minimum requirement would be a BSW.

social work is a great career - stressful at times, yes, but also rewarding and challenging!!~!

Teresa Said:

how do you write reflectively within social work?

We Answered:

a professional written reflective account should include the action you took when dealing with an incident or person. u should explain how you felt, how you thought the person u were talkin to was feelin at the time and what made you act that way. u should mention the theory behind your actions, whether your reaction was instinct, a learned response, what you deem to be a common sense reaction etc..
In a critical reflective account, you are then expected to criticise your actions and feelings, mention theory other than and contrasting to the theory leading ur initial response, and explain what u would do, methods you would use should this scenario happen again.
this to ensure policies, theories and methodologies are kept up to date, relevant and in keeping with the ecm and ethical frameworks in social work.
it also helps to challenge discrimination and strengthen antidiscriminatry practice, and minimises the risk of insitutional discrimination and unintentional discrimination, which can lead to oppression.

Raymond Said:

How do i get into a social work masters degree in london uk? Can the govt pay? and Allowances? For an aussie?

We Answered:

never trust what anyone has to say, as seeing is believing. the best thing you can do is get in contact with the British council of education. they will advise you accordingly and if not then you can always go for a scholarship or get sponsored in doing so. the best thing you can do now is go to your local library and look through a dictionary off charities and sponsors and write to the organisation explaining you situation and goals. This will then enhance your chances off more financial support. it might take over 60 letters before you get a response but I figured that it was well worth it once the payment comes through.

Best off Luck!!!

Marilyn Said:

How to say, "Can you pretend to be Korematsu in our social studies video" in japanese?

We Answered:

You tried and did a good job in translating. Just need a few touch-ups. Don't forget to put "ka" when you are asking a question.(in most cases)

"Can you pretend to be Korematsu in our social studies video"
shakaika no bideo de Korematsu no yaku o shite moraeru de shou ka?

*?(yaku) = to act
*Since it's for video, it's better to use "act" than "pretend," in my opinion.
*???? is not necessary if it's understood to the person you are talking to. In this case it's obvious to me that the other person will know whose social study class you are talking about.
*I used polite form since you will be talking to your friend's dad.

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