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Sample Psychological Case Study

Jeff Said:

Psychology questions?

We Answered:

8) Cross-sectional
This type of study is looking at a representative for a population
Correlational studies look at two variables and compare them
9) a person's expectations affect the results of a treatment
10) May have expectations that affect their observations
The option you chose is called "subject variable"
11) True
12) True
13) True
14) False
Stratified sampling is testing different parts of a population separately
15) False

Clifton Said:

Psychology Multiple Choice Question -- EASY ?

We Answered:


What do I get for doing your homework?

Alvin Said:

Can someone help me with this psychology questions?

We Answered:

I would guess as:
1: interdependence
2: reasoning
3: not sure dont know that experiment
4: probly A
5: perception
6: emotions
7: case study i think
8: hormone
9: definitely conformity
10: extrinsic
Is this ur homework or something. If it is i would check the answers before on google.

Jason Said:

How do you determine the abstract of the article?

We Answered:

I'm not sure what this has to do with math, but we'll give it a shot.

An abstract is a summary of a scientific paper/report. It usually prefaces the article/paper/report (even before the introduction) before the paper even starts.

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